Avishkaar - A Science Event, was conducted on 7th September, 2021 at National Academy For Learning, North Bangalore. Aptly named as Covigyaan, the inter-disciplinary event was organised to raise awareness about Covid-19 among the students and parents. Students of grades 9 to 12 worked relentlessly bringing out the relation and impact of Covid-19 in various spheres. The panorama of presentations, videos, animations, songs and short films that were showcased during the event featured a variety of topics such as the history of pandemics, Covid-19 and its variants, symptoms, transmission and vaccines, the impact of the pandemic on economy slogans in Hindi, Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity in Sanskrit, the importance of physical fitness and mental well-being, all of which were entirely composed, written and presented by the students. The intensive research done by the students would be made available on a mobile app and even has its own webpage which has been designed and constructed by them! The event was indeed Educating to Break the Chain.