TISB Training Academy (TTA)

The TISB Training Academy (TTA) is the training and quality control division of the TISB, NAFL, GMC & NPS Group of Schools.

The brainchild of Dr. Bindu Hari, Vice Chairperson of TISB, NAFL, GMC & NPS Group of Schools, TTA is committed to the professional and personal development of teachers in India and overseas.

At TTA, we pride ourselves on being attuned to the needs of the teaching community. We regularly launch new courses, focusing on the varied facets of teaching and academic leadership. With over 234 years of combined teaching experience in 25 different subjects, under multiple National and International academic boards – TTA is the perfect mentor to guide educators to Become a Professional Teacher.

Each of our courses is comprehensively researched and offers a thoughtful blend of traditional and contemporary practices, to nurture the educator in you. With a legacy of having trained thousands of teachers from core & franchise NPS schools and External schools across India and overseas, our trainers are attuned to the nuanced requirements of our culturally diverse clients.

Our flagship courses include the Aspiring Leadership Workshop by Dr. Bindu Hari, the Diploma in Teaching and Learning Practices, and the Diploma in Early Childhood Education. We also custom-develop a host of other modules, designed to hone both subject proficiency and soft skills.

Currently, TTA is accepting applications for the 2024-2025 cohort of our Teacher Training Diploma programs. Contact us on +91 960691 3875 / 73, +91 95133 32364 or info@tta.net.in to find out about our teacher training courses in Bangalore.

Download the Diploma Programs Brochure for more information.