Bhasha Utsav

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.””
— Ludwig Wittgenstein

It is well said by someone that Language is the road map of culture. The students of NAFL-North, observed Bhasha Utsav to celebrate the multi-language culture of our rich heritage. The main objective was to highlight the significance of language in fostering understanding and harmony. A special assembly was conducted by the students wherein they sang a Tamil song written by the great Tamil poet and writer C. Subramania Bharathi. A skit ‘Bhasha Vivid Par Bhav Ek’ showcasing the collective efforts of people from diverse linguistic backgrounds in confronting any natural calamities in our country was performed by the Primary students.

In addition a vibrant and captivating dance performance representing the southern states of our country.

Vegetables, fruits and crops were discussed in native languages. The students learning Kannada and Hindi in school also spoke confidently during these discussions.

Students of all age groups enthusiastically participated by showcasing the power of learning from one another and embracing various languages.