Children’s Day, 2023

NAFL North had a week-long Children's Day celebration from Monday, 6th November to Thursday, 16th November 2023. An array of activities were planned for each day to celebrate childhood.

Children displayed amazing artistic ability, teamwork, and innovation during various activities like adorning bulletin boards, creating paper lanterns, and painting diyas. A friendly cricket match between the teachers and the students was also organized during the week to encourage collaboration. It was a commendable demonstration of sportsmanship and teamwork.

The celebration's high point was the fine display of a magic show that had everyone spellbound during the school assembly assembly. The teachers also organised a variety of cultural events for the students which was based on the Indian folk theme Later in the day, the students also got to watch age-appropriate movies during the movie time session. It was wonderful to note how the celebration sparked enthusiasm and delight in everyone's hearts, making it genuinely unforgettable.