First Day of School

Welcome back students! We are ready to improve the world!

This is exactly the message that was palpable on Day 1 of school, as NAFLites were ready to begin another exciting year!

The fervour to attend the first day of school, whether it is a child or the teacher, is always something that is cherished. Our students from NAFL- North did not miss a beat when it was time to log into the first day of online class for the new academic year of 2021-22.

While the fact remains that we needed to ‘log in’ and not ‘walk in’ to class, our students and teachers ensured that they left no stone unturned to make the session a very memorable one.

Some new faces, some initially quiet, while some were excited from the word go. It was heart-warming to see the myriad moods that the children brought in, the virtual avatars they created for their class photo and the teachers could not resist joining in with them with all the first day activities- be it interviewing, chatting or just having fun.

It was truly a joyous day filled with the hope of being yet another memorable academic year!