Interschool Cricket Tournament

“Life is like cricket, take infinite wickets and face the pace to win the race.”

School tournaments are a fantastic platform for the budding players. NAFL North hosted its maiden Interschool Cricket match - Espirit De Corps for the students of Grades 7 and 8 on Friday, 17th November 2023. It was a historic event as both boys and girls played as one team.The event was a grand success, bringing together the spirit of series, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Student volunteers showcased their diverse talents by providing live commentary, anchoring, and ensuring the smooth flow of the event, adding a vibrant and energetic touch to the matches. The enthralling Interschool Cricket Tournament was played among the 8 teams. The finals were held between NPS KRM and NPSI Chennai. Both teams displayed excellent sprit of the game. The event culminated in the crowning of champions. Team NPSI Chennai won the finals against NPS Koramangla. Neha from Team NPSI Chennai won the Player of the series and Divit from NAFL North went on to win the Player of the Match trophy. The day witnessed some inspiring and remarkable performances by all the players. The tournament concluded with a vote of thanks and the national anthem. Everyone went home with lots of happy memories.