Makkala Sante, 2023

“Behind every small business is a family”.

The NAFL-North students of Grade 6 culminated their Young Entrepreneurship Programme with a vibrant and dynamic Makkala Sante (Market Day) on Saturday, 9th December 2023 at the school campus.

The objective of Makkala Santhe was to enrich students’ knowledge and learning in various marketing skills, making products and formulating strategies to sell. The theme of this year’s market was home decor. The market was inaugurated by our Principal, Ms. Hemalata Pillai. She encouraged the students to know their customer well. The inauguration was followed by a foot tapping flash mob by the students.

A diverse array of handmade products were displayed, ranging from gel and wax candles to wall hangings, cartoon stickers, canvas paintings, key chains, snow globes and bracelets . A variety of mouth-watering food stalls, game stalls were also set up by the students and teachers to offer fun and entertainment for the parents and guests. Profits from this programme will be donated to charity by students.

The students received immense appreciation from all the stakeholders for their hard-work and creativity. The event gave our students the confidence to take strategic decisions with integrity and making them socially responsible with life-long learning.