Market Day

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.
- Mark Twain

The students of Grade 6 had a successful Young Entrepreneurship Programme this year which culminated in Makkala Santhe the market day on 11th February 2023 at NAFL North. The whole process began with a promising Business Pitch which saw all parents turning into venture capitalists and investing in the products showcased by the students. Ms. Josheta Hari, our Associate Director and Principal Ms. Hemalata Pillai inaugurated the event, followed by an entertaining flash mob performance by the students of Grade 6. A diverse array of handmade products were on display, from decorated pots to stickers, rings, files, paintings, bookmarks, bangles, and earrings. A variety of mouth-watering food stalls, game stalls and photo booth were set up by the students and teachers to offer fun and entertainment to the parents and guests. Profits from this programme will be donated to charity by students. The students received immense appreciation from all the stakeholders for their hard-work and creativity. The event was a great learning experience and gave the students the confidence to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship.