Math-e-Magic by Grade 3

“Mathematics is the biggest motivation because it starts from zero and goes up to infinity.”

We at NAFL-North, celebrated the birth anniversary of the mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan by paying a tribute in our own small way this year, by organising the event of Math-e-Magic on 10th December, 2022.

The main objective behind celebrating the day was to provide our children with opportunities to try new things, promote collaborative learning and understand the importance of Math in day-to-day life.

The parents were enthralled by various presentations on 2D, 3D shapes, fractions, symmetry and complex calculations through Abacus.

In the Math Experience Centre, the parents enjoyed the interesting and enriching hands-on activities like Sudoku, A special cake counter helped the parents understand the relevance of Math in recipes too!

Math-e-Magic, engaged and motivated one and all present and celebrated the significance of numbers in our life.