World Environment Day - 2021

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June and is the United Nations' (UN) principal vehicle for encouraging awareness for the protection of the world environment. This year’s theme was -Reimagine, Recreate and Restore the environment.

The students of NAFL- North, also observed World Environment Week wherein they were introduced to various aspects of our environment. The concept and benefits of ‘Microgreens’ and ways to cultivate them at home to add that extra dash of nourishment to the daily meal, was also taught.

They also enjoyed watching a video showcasing the expansive kitchen garden of one of our in-house Green Crusader, Ms. Priya S (Gr 2 Class teacher).

The students enthusiastically participated in a quiz about ‘How Can Kids Help to Save Our Earth’ as well.

The students of grades 9 to 12 thoroughly enjoyed the interactive game hosted by the UN ( that addressed the practices to restore our ecosystems. Latest news articles on ecosystems were also collaboratively discussed.

The celebrations concluded with a pledge by the students to reimagine ways to save water in keeping with the theme this year.